Ricardo Almeida

...is a very good fighter! I'm now officially a fan. I just saw UFC 35 for the first time, and Ricardo Almeida for the first time (yeah, I know, we don't have great access to MMA where I live).

Although he lost the fight that night, he was going for submission after submission and really gave a great performance. My hats off to Ricardo!

Ricardo's time in the Pancrase org. has really paid off for him. It's given him time to develop his striking to a new level and from what he has said, rethink his position on the fight game entirely.

I think Baroni would be taken down repeatedly, have his guard passed and then deal with mounted punches. Rinse. Repeat. It's just too bad it couldn't take place in Japan where Big Dog could try his mount-to-face stomp like he did against Chonan.

Ricardo has also improved a ton from UFC 35.

He would easily beat Baroni now.

Fan of the Big Dog right here. That fight was great and he was unlucky to lose.

ttt fro Big Dog!

Great post, that fight has also made me a bigger fan of Almeida.

He has talked about that fight a lot, he's said that after that loss he became a much better fighter, in every aspect.
When he first left the UFC after they offered him a new deal, I couldn't understand. Now I feel he couldn't have made a better move.





Ricardo is the man. He would easily beat Phil. The fight I want to see is a rematch with Lindland.

Big Dog is awesome !!

Ricardo does have serious skills, both stand up and of course on the ground. However, what impresses me most about him, is the pride he takes while teaching his students, and his genuine interest in each of their lives. He's not only a great fighter in the ring, he is a great example of how a fighter should be outside of the ring.Tom D


"However, what impresses me most about him, is the pride he takes while teaching his students, and his genuine interest in each of their lives."

No joke. You can train at Ricardo's twice, come back a year later, and Ricardo will yell out your name and embrace you like you're a long lost brother. Coolest guy ever. He's not just an instructor. This guy personally helps out his students in alot of ways. You wouldn't believe it. And yes, he's a badass.

hes very good but lindland shut him down and so dith that russian - by ko. put him in bushido. or vs kondo in pancrase

maxpower- Ricardo raped Semenov until he gassed. He did not know how to cut weight properly then. Ricardo is now the KOP. SEmenov has went down hill since his fight with Ricardo.

Lindland did shut him down. But there were some details you may not know. Ricardo had just returned from ADCC 2 weeks before his fight with Matt. So he did not train vale tudo for this fight. It was his second vale tudo fight. Also Ricardo was suffering from a severe knee injury which required a cortisone shot in order to make the fight.

I am a fan of Matt's so I am not dogging him. But Ricardo is a far better fighter then when they met the last time. I think it would be interesting to see now.

Ricardo is one of the most talented fighters out there. He still does not get the recognition he deserves. I think in another year he will be recognized as one of the most dominant fighters at 185 which is a very tough division.

I would love to see him and Horn fight.

Tom D hit the correct.

Ricardo is the man!!!

I have much respect for Ricardo.