Ricardo Arona vs Anderson Silva

Let's be realistic Orona is the only one with any chance to beat Anderson, plus Peter wants to see the matchup!


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Arona UD maybe. Anderson was very active from the bottom against Marquardt, so anything is possible.

If they went back to the old rules (no time limits, no standups) Arona would have a chance, but that aint going to happen, so Arona has little chance. Modern UFC rules are designed to encourage standup fighting, which is for the most part bad kickboxing. At least with Anderson, it's good kickboxing, but with different rules, I think Arona would have a good chance.

No stand ups would favour Arona, but no time limits would favour Anderson by a lot. Anderson is much more likely to finish Arona before Arona finishes him, imo.

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Of the BJJ guys in mma Arona has the best wrestling and top control. He can beat pretty much anyone if he's on top of his game. If he had dedicated some yrs to develop his striking he'd be a fkn beast but his striking sucks and he leaves his chin out which Anderson would have a field day with if he could avoid getting taken down which he wouldnt