Ricardo Lamas on Swanson talk the UFC and more !

Lamas : I'll give Cub his re-match when I win my title ,he can be the first person I defend it against.

Ricardo Lamas says he will not take a fight unless he is guarnteed a title shot afterwards , and more

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According to both Chael and Florian Lamas doesnt have enuff twitter followers to warrant a title shot.

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Lamas, Mendes, Frankie and Swanson need to be paired up in any which way to line up contenders at 145lbs. None of these guy's quite deserve a title shot as it is now, not even Mendes if he beats Guida.

Or we can just award McGregor a title shot.

Cheers mate , yeah Conor is a top talent . No need to rush him , I think they will bring him along slowly , has everything to be a future champion . Phone Post 3.0

I like Lamas and he's definitely a top contender and deserving of a title shot. At the same time, he's not in any position to make any demands for a title shot. Johny Hendricks tried to play that same game and it didn't work.

I actually ran into Lamas at the APFC this past weekend. I think it absolutely sucks that he's not getting a title shot after beating Koch.

Number one contender in my opinion . Phone Post 3.0

Some quotes from the @talkingbrawls show .

Lamas : The UFC have not put in the time and effort to get my name out there to the fans .

Lamas on Edgar: If the UFC guaranteed me a title shot after that fight,it's something i would definitely be interested in.

Lamas: I wish they would give title shots to guys that are actually deserving of it.

Lamas on Swanson : he can have his rematch after I win my title .

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MP3: http://t.co/5b6EeyQINy Phone Post 3.0