Ricardo Mugel/Flavio Behring

HCX Mixed Martial arts/Union Fighting Team(NothUSA) would like to wish Master Ricardo Murgel a happy 61st Birthday on Saturday Sept. 16. for all of you who know this great BJJ master you know that his age doesn't slow him down, every time we talk he is training a high level fighter or giving a seminar in his Ultimate BJJ. Cheers Mestre

We would also like to congradulate The newly promoted Grand Master Flavio Behring who was recently elevated to his much deserved 9th dgree Red belt in BJJ. This master's knowledge should be recognized by all BJJ stylist. We are proud to be linked with you through Master Murgel.

Ron "Tashi" Hill
HCX Mixed Martial Arts
Union Fighting Team Northern USA Director

Mestre, Sorry for the Missing R in your name in the header.I pushed the keys too fast.


happy b-day.

congrats grandmaster behring




For some of you, who don't know these masters, it would be a good idea to look them up.
Some people that you may have heard of that are under Master Murgel.

Shane Pitts (Black Belt)
Nathan Marquardt (Black Belt/ 7x king of Pancrase/ UFC fighter.
Recently has been working with Fabricio Werdum from Pride.

Is Ricardo moving to the states?

Hopefully soon. It will be great for the Union Fighting Team USA when he gets here.

Happy Birthday!

If anyone is interested in Training with Master Murgel, the Union Team will be setting up seminars as soon as Master Murgel comes to the US to live. Some info on him can be acquired @ www.unionworldteam.com, the site is not complete yet, but our brother Brian Oravetz (Union Fighting Team SothernUS Director)is working hard on it. If you are interested in affiliation with Master Murgel and his Union Team, feel free to ask us questions.

You can also find information here:



Thanks Jeff,

That site has alot of info about Mestre Murgel for those who are interested.

I have heard that he is incredible!! Where are you guys located?

Also, have you spent a lot of time with him? What is his teaching like?
Just curious, I cant wait for him to get to the states!!!

Thanks for posting that up!

My name is Brian Oravetz, and I've been around this site since roughly 1996. The old timers would know of the affiliation with Master Murgel.

The website is under heavy construction. Which means that the guy I had working on it, did somethings that he shoudl not have. I had to get rid of him, and now, since he was doing the site in .Net, I am working on learning that programming language to finish the job myself. The old site www.unionteam.com.br will all be transferred over to www.unionworldteam.com shortly.

Severnsmustache. I have spent a great deal of time with Professor Murgel. He lived with me for quite some time, and he is my daughters Brazilian Godfatha... :-)
I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is one of the most thoughtful, charismatic, highly technical professors you could ever learn from. If you were to attend one of his seminars, you would glaze over before he got done teaching. He pays a massive amount of attention to detail. And he does not have a "standard" seminar schtick. He will focus on what you want to know, and you'll get more info that you bargained for in return.

He is one of the few guys of his level that is not "dogmatic" in what he teaches. He does not take the tact that he is, or BJJ is, the be all end all art out there. He is extremely open minded, and willing to listen to questions, or suggestions.

As for him coming here to the states. Absolutely. I guess this is as good place as any for an informal announcement. I was holding off until we get the final interview done at the consulate in Rio. Suffice it to say, we have the intial approvals for Professor Murgels EB1 Immigrant workers visa. So that he and his wife can come here to the states to stay.

Initially, he will be with me in Atlanta. But soon enough Professor Murgel will be spending plenty of time in Chi-town land.

He will hit the seminar trail very soon. Professor Murgel will focus on BJJ/MMA, and reality based teaching because there is NOT another Master level guy out there with Professor Murgels credentials when it comes to reality based applications. He has many years as the head trainer for the Brazilian State Police, and a massive amount of law enforcement teaching here in the States already. He is the head instructor at the Center for Special Techniques and Tactics in Brazil. www.ctte.com.br
And I'm the International Business Developement Manager there, btw... :-)

We are also inline with the one and only, Kru Kevin Jakubs.

It just does not get any better than this...

If you are interested in affiliation, drop a line. Our organization will NOT be laden with high fee's and large monthly payouts. But it will be laden with highly technical training, and a fare trade for a fare dollar.

Consider Atlanta, and Chicago, our starting out base points. There is much more to come that we will announce at a later date.

When you have a minute today try and give me a ring, I should be around all day.

Will do buckethead.
Most likely a no go on Florida bro. Probably be in Sweden.




Congratulations to both Ricardo Murgel and Flavio Behring!!!

Wow! congradulations to both!

I have heard that he is incredible!! Where are you guys located?
Also, have you spent a lot of time with him? What is his teaching like? Just curious, I cant wait for him to get to the states!!! TTT SM

I think Ron's in Joliet, he'd have to tell you about his personal experience with Ricardo. Ov1 and I have rolled together and with Ricardo. (Ov1 has trained with Master Behring also) His technical ability is second to none. I think he's forgotten more about JJ than most people will ever know. To me he's more than a coach, I admire him as a person and good friend, can't wait for him to reside in the states.

Congratulations to grand master Behring.

JM - Franco/Behring

Any questions Mr. Mustache?