Ricardo Teixeira No Gi DVD

Ricardo "Hellraiser" Teixeira's No Gi Basic to Intermediate DVD is now shipping. Check it out at


Has anyone seen the DVD? TTT for reviews.

I trained with Hellraiser at the BJJ Camp a couple of months ago. He was easily the most fun instructor of the bunch (there were 4 or 5 different guys teaching that day) and had a TON of very good moves. A few things I hadn't seen and some good strategic tips as well. I am excited to see this set. Ricardo was very entertaining and taught everything in sequence, so I expect his DVD's will be very well done as well. Island does a good job with their videos so this should be a no brainer to pick up. Remember guys, this guy is a teammate with the Avellans.


I just looked it up on the site. This is just going to be a 1 DVD thing? Is a full set soon to follow?


It is a great DVD! I will post a review by tomorrow morning at the

This is one volume. (1hour) He will be back out to San Clemente next month to continue the production. I wanted to get this out to give yall a taste of things to come from Hellraiser.


Can you have him show his actual "game" rather then a set of basic techniques? All the techniques described seems to be the techniques you can find in your other titles.

Just a suggestion. He's an awesome subgrappler & I know he trains the Avellan bros (or something like that). So it'll be great if he showed his personal insights, strategies, rather than the "kimura from knee on belly," etc.

My 2 cents

I concur with bounce - the time for this type of tapes should be over. Let him choose an area and go as deep as possible with it ... ie. passing the butterfly guard or open guard for no-gi etc.


I agree with you guys, BUT let's give Island the benefit of the doubt right now. He did say he has more volumes on the way right? Also, I've been training off and on for 8 years almost, I went to a few BEGINNER classes with a Ralph Gracie black belt in Placentia (Brad Jackson) and even I picked up some little details on basic moves like the armbar and triangle. In addtion, I thought I knew to do the Kimura from the guard, I had used it succesfully against high level guys, but just a year ago I learned a small detail that is often overlooked and it made the whole differece.

Let's be fair and see what Hellraiser has to show about the basics first. I'm sure the more advanced stuff is coming. Also, there are more white belts out there than purple belts, so there is still a market for "basics".


Ricardo's DVD is just over an hour long and it is broken up into 12
chapters. He teaches with the plan by showing a takedown,
establishing position, and then going for the submission. He
shows the single leg, double leg and and arm throw on this DVD
and submissions from various positions such as the side mount,
guard, north and south, and full mount. All the moves are tied
into a nice flowing sequence.

Towards the end of the DVD Ricardo also goes into some
submissions from a butterfly guard position and he also shows
some sidemount escapes that eventually lead into a more
dominant position and submission.

Pay close attention to the way he moves on this DVD and listen to
what he says. He does give you little details on how to execute
each move that are very helpful. Also each sequence of moves is
shown at a slow pace while he gives the details and at full speed
as well.

I've also seen a lot different tapes and DVD's but his setups for
most of the submissions were new to me. Very simple to learn but
effective. My favorite move he teaches is holding your opponent in
the scarf hold position and you eventually end up submitting your
opponent in a kimura lock while laying across your opponents
back. I was able to pull this one off fairly easily on a training

In responce to bounce's suggestion. I have talked with Ricardo
and he did give me examples on how he actually used the
techniques taught in previous competitions. So they are not a
bunch of basic random techniques.

I hope my little review helped some of you. I can't wait to see
more from Ricardo and Island in the future.

Just watched his match with Nino from onthemat.com

Really cool loose rolling match (Gi) and fun to watch..


Great video tape. and Great Instructor.

i dont think that was him vs. nino was it? i thought that was another guy with a similar name??

On the Mat screwed that up. That guy fighting Nino is Rodrigo Teixeira who is actually Pedro Carvalho's little brother. Ricardo looks completely different with a different body type.


No they didnĀ“t mess it up :)

I did... sry :$


Is the Esfiha set gonna go on sale too?