Riccardo Ammendolia - New BJJ Black Belt!

Congrats to Riccardo Ammendolia for receiving his BJJ Black belt this past week.

Congrats, Riccardo!

 Welcome to the club  :)

 ...about time...lazy %$#@er...


Fantastic! Very well deserved. Can't think of anyone who loves the sport more. Glad the years of work paid off.


Congratulations, very well deserved.


Congrats Riccardo, long time coming, awesome bro.

Congrats Ricardo!

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Awesome, congrats


Thank you so much everyone for the amazing words. Receiving the black belt has been something i wanted to do for many years. Thank you so much god for giving me this passion for this amazing art where i was able to meet my wife and some of my best friends in the world. Thank you to everyone who has helped me on my journey and contributed to this day, namely Jeff Joslin, Romero Jacare Cavalcanti, Ze Mario Esfiha, Felipe Neto, Leonardo Vieira, Rico Vieira, Marcelo Garcia, Mestre Pina, Christiano Ribeiro, Andre Galvao and of course Rafa and Gui the Mendes Bros and PJ O'Sullivan who i consider my 3 brothers and honor to call my best friends and instructors. And of course my amazing wife Lindomar Teixeira Ammendolia for putting up with me all these years and supporting me on my quest. When i started to train jiu-jitsu back in 1997, i would never have imagined that i would have made so many friends, visited so many places and be able to have so many amazing memories all for the love of this gentle art. Thank you everyone once again osss


Congrats, great achievement!!!!


The most technical and nimble big man I've ever rolled w/! Phone Post

Congrats! Phone Post


Congrats ugly!! Phone Post