ricco and kyle having words ?

I hear there was some words exchanged between the two and security had to jump in is it bullshit or what ?

Would make a good fight , but kinda sad if every fight is ginna be a grudge match ...

I'd love to see a Mike Kyle VS Ricco Ridriguez.......

Dana should jump all over this, and sign'em up!

Every NHB/MMA fan in the world KNOWS that a little "bad blood" makes for a better fight, and
also gets more interest which equals more PPV buys.

Hell, while they're at it, they can go ahead and "ink" Tito VS Murray while the two are still hot at each other. Don't sit around on your asses and wait for things to cool off. Sign it now and make it happen!!!

Look at Tito VS Ken.............everybody and their grandma wanted to see this fight, because they knew that the bad blood would make it a hellava fight, which it was!

Well put Smokin,I agree.

Of courese a real grudge match is very exiting , what i ment was if everybody has to start talking shit about others just to get a fight...

But this would make a good fight actually

I'm NOT a Ricco fan, but I think kyle would be in big trouble in that fight. Only question is.... how long would it take Ricco to get under 265 to make weight?

I'd love it when Ricco got on top and rained down those nasty forearms into Kyles face..........

Look at it this way. A grudge match only seems better because it has the appeal of being "personal this time". If it was always a grudge match, it would seem like a pro-wrestling gimmick. Its just like boxing, it used to be really something when a ruckus would break out at a press confrence, now its news when one doesn't.


fuck kyle

ricco would kill kyle

lol this may possibly be the only fight where ricco would have people wanting to win

Ricco did get into it with Kyle at the during the press conference q and a. I know Dana cut them off after the threats started to escalate. I do not think that security had to get involved though. Ricco would smash Kyle.
Ricco told Mike that he would destroy him. Makes for a fun match up. I pick Ricco by ref stoppage.

ricco by triangle.

If kyle doesn't bite his balls off for trying to "choke" him..


LOl This is the best thing ever!!!

If Ricco thought fans were behind him just once he would beat that guys ass so bad lol.

Why was Ricco even there?

Was he in Sims' corner again?

Ricco would maul Kyle and i'd definately pay to see it happen. Aside from that fight leave Kyle out of the UFC.

Kyle is a perfect example of how bad UFC's HW division is.

Ricco could save his career and get even the internet fans on his side if he called out Kyle. He could turn this into a pro wrasslin type thing, saying he is going to avenge the cheating Kyle did against Sims.

Ricco backin up hollywood sims gets my respect

people who bite should not be allowd in the UFC... If we want our sport to be "mainstream" we need to keep garbage like that out...