Ricco comes out of the closet?!

Man or Woman, Once you go Rican....you don't go seekin

She even called me today.

not possible, I've never heard of any gay fighters or boxers. Can anybody name a gay boxer? Not rumors but actually admitted it.

Emille Griffin

Steak Knife is correct.

i dont care for ricco much,but its pretty shitty if someone writes this and it not be true.

at ufc 40 ricco had the ultimate woman with him im talking ass and tittys and about 6ft.so if he is queer im going to slap him when i see him again

not that there's anything wrong with that

its a bogus piece.

Steak Knife, I've never heard of a boxer Emille Griffin. Do you mean Emile Griffith?

After doing some research on the Net, these are rumors. Benny Paret called Griffith "gay" and Griffith went into a rage that Paret died from his beatings. There are no gay pro boxers.

Bob&Weave yes i meant Griffith my bad

Emille Griffith is gay indeed, i know for a fact, my good friend is a pro boxer who has trained with him and apparently Emille doesn't even hide it