Please God (sorry about the Jesus thread, forgive me?...... Ok thanks) let Ricco never step into the Octagon again. Sounds harsh? heres why:

1. The guy introduced himself to a friend of mine like this: "Ricco Rodriques, 4-0 PRIDE, 3-0 UFC..."

2. Talks smack about other fighters, says Silvia fight was tainted from roids- lame excuse. Silvia tested and results were negative. Ricco just got KTFO.

3. Talks like hes a pimp, loves himself. Has Jarred from SubWay complex.

4. Disses Mir because they both live in Vegas? WTF is that?

5. Challenges Kyle in a press conference just because he needs a fight so bad. HE was champ, why figt a non ranked guy?

6. Almost ruined Abu Dhabi when his XXXXL spandex exploded and nearly killed the Sheik.

7. FAT Bully. Lays on nogiera and says the fans know who won??? hes the italian george foreman.

RR= Bad FOR THE S/////

Ricco is a entertaining fighter. How can you not give a former UFC champ another shot in the UFC? The UFC heavyweighs are not nearly as talented as prides so, why take away one of our top stars? Put his actions and personal life aside.....Ricco is a good fighter!

FletchMonster, you make some interesting points. However, Ricco is a very talented fighter with excellent takedowns, brutal GnP, and submission skills. He is arrogant and self-promoting, but he generall has the skills to back it up.

Let's not forget that he beat Couture, TK (who defeated Fedor), and Big Daddy. Plus, I'm a big Noguiera fan, and Ricco dominated that fight. Give the guy some credit.

Ricco = UFC Champ, KOTC Champ, ADCC Champ, Pan-Am
Champ, Mundials Champ.

Fletchmonster = Bitter because a guy he calls "fat
and boring" would whip his ass with one hand while his
other hand fingered Fletch's gf.

And Geroge Foreman rocks!

Ricco is a great fighter. Looking forward to seeing him back.
He can give any top heavy a run for their money.


Fletch Monster,

He's Puerto Rican not Italian jackass!

I met Ricco numerous times at diffrent UFC events in Vegas and he is really cool and nice.
Once at UFC 40 over at the Weigh ins, he was in the fighter only area where Tito and crew were. He was passing out VIP passes to all of the people in Tito's entourage for the After fight party at Club Utopia. I asked him to hook some up for me and a friend and he gave me 2. Other guys would have been like sorry these are for all the fighters here, or this and that. but he gave them to me. That was cool of him and I will always remember him being nice. So fuck off to all the Haters! once you meet him he is cool. TTT for Ricco

agreeded! dont hate cause u aint.

Great fighter gone wrong.

Ricco will come back. And while I agree that he does
come off cocky, if you ever have the opportunity to
hit him up one-on-one, you will be surprised at what a
nice guy he is.

I don't care much either way for Ricco but his fight with Rizzo was terrible.

im down with never seeing him fight again.

Ricco has always been very down to earth when I've met him. In the Rizzo fight it was obvious he didn't have the same fire he had when he fought Randy. The match didn't make sense to me having the former HW champ lose the belt and get reduced to preliminary status his very next appearance in the ufc.

"TK (who defeated Fedor)"

That's a bit misleading...

winning via cut you should mention.

he's still a great fighter

I bumped into Ricco in a Barstow gas station on the way to Vegas to see Chuck beat Vitor. He was very polite, he shook my and my friends hands, said it was nice to meet us and he hopes we will enjoy the fights. He even kind of bowed to us. He was extremely friendly and polite. I also spoke with him at the Ultimate Training Center a few years ago. He was very nice and polite then too. It makes it hard for me to believe that he is so rude to others.

Ricco beat Nog on GnP plus soem beautiful takedowns.
The stand-up was pretty even. No sub attempts were
close. Besides, if you get credit for almost-subs you
should get credit for escapes. It was very close. The
fact that Ricco took it on 2-weeks notice coming from
a loss and knee surgery (and many pound soverweight)
it was pretty impressive.

Ricco did less MC5.

I expect to get scorched for criticizing RR, just my opinion/

"I expect to get scorched for criticizing RR"

haha no you didnt, you expected pats on the back. im actually suprised so many people disagreed with you, this place is unpredictable sometimes lol