ricco (in shape) vs arlovski?!

ricco would have to make 265.

is it possible?

i think ricco tim and andre (maybe mir?) could make for alot more great fights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yea i wanna see rico get into shape and come back for sure

Ricco already beat him.

Fat Ricco lose wait LOL

id liek to see Monson/Mir if Mir gets off the juice and actually works his cardio and standup


can ricco make 265?

Ricco did beat him already...i really hope Ricco gets back into shape. Losing to that guy in RITC or whatever was hopefully a huge wake up call.

Ricco probably can't make 265 right now, but in shape he's about 240-245, and if he makes an effort to get there again I'd love to see a rematch.

Monson/Mir, Ricco/Mir, Cruz/Ricco

Having Ricco and Mir back and healthy would do wonders for the division

^100% correct^

ttt 4 mir and ricco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I'd love to see Ricco get his shit together and get back in UFC.

me also

Rico already beat Andrei.