Ricco Rodriguez Seminar AZ

Ricco Rodriguez MMA Seminar Saturday Jan. 20th

Location: 3029 N. Alma School Rd. #117 Chandler,AZ crossroads elliot/alma school

Time: noon-???

Cost: $50

Contact info: Gym #480-275-7820 or esbjj@hotmail.com

That's not a school, isn't that place an all you can eat buffet?

And some people wonder how STFU KKM came to be.

nothing positive to say, stay off the thread!

Just looked it up, it's a Sizzler. Special of the night is steak and all you can eat shrimp.

Ricco has all the talent in the world... Agreed, but he has let his fans down, the people who supported him, sponsors, and most of all himself. He was all about going to parties, hanging with chicks and now wants people to jump back on his bus. No thanks, dude has burned to many loyal people.

And I don't support people who pay to support his addiction (eating)

Not bashing, just telling it like it is.


everyone is welcome at the seminar

Yeah I'm sure all you guys talking trash about his diet have 6-pack abs, have fought 5 times this year and have wins over the likes of Arlovski, Couture, and Monson in your careers. So I'm sure the only thing he could teach you guys is buffet selection. You guys rock.

No worries and I understand that weed and eating go hand-in-hand.

damn...  im only in town til Monday...

esbjj - you've got mail


victories over UFC competition, submission loss to the dessert tray

even if he is good his image is poor. Sizzler imo

there is going to be an all can eat buffet after the seminar included in the price courtesy of kenP, makin all our dreams come true

$50 for a ADCC grappler seminar...good deal.

Ricco beat Randy Couture...this is a seminar where everyone could learn something from the instructor


If most of you guys realized these type of seminars were to gain knowledge from professionals instead of a pick up dive for closet homos there would be alot more intelegent threads here or at least alot fewer childish post.

Is Sizzler sponsoring this seminar??

Dave Kujawski
Miletich Fighting Systems, Inc.
(651) 269-8112