RICCO vs MIR who wins???

RICCO by sub GnP or decision... i dunno how we would win exactly but i dont see mir beating him... then again i didnt see mir bating sylvia

After seeing the Arlovski fight I would have to go with Ricco. I still have not seen Mir in a fight where it went over a few minutes where he did not gas and look sloppy.

Do not count mir out, eva.

But Ricco can't punch.



Ricco and Mir are very much alike as fighters, but Mir is stronger, thats why his arm bar worked when Ricco's just got him hit in the head with the floor.

Having said that, Mir's training ethic is still in question in my mind. He seems to be lazy, and if he is not in shape it would be a problem. Although I give him (Mir) an edge in stand-up, and he certainly has a better chin.


Was wondering about this matchup the moment Mir won.

Mir, all the way.

If the fight stays on the ground with no submission, Ricco dominates top position and wins because no points are given for sub attempts....

If the fight stays on the feet for any length of time, Mir wins the standup, possibly rocks Ricco, takes him down, and has a better chance at landing a sub...

Whatever happens, I believe Mir can sub Ricco, Ricco cannot sub Mir...

Definitely Ricco. He's a better wrestler, better at submissions, much better conditioned, much more experienced.

All I know is that I'd pay to see it!!  :-)

If it goes to the ground, and it would, then Ricco without a doubt.

Mir gave us a great performance but he would be trading subs with one of the best in the game. Ricco's striking is suspect, his ability to sub godzilla (or Frank Mir) is not.


Conditioning is a toss-up? Please! When have you
seen Ricco get tired? Never. Ricco would beat Mir just
through cardio alone.
Speed is not clearly Mir, nor is stand-up. Ricco's
stand-up is not great but neither is Mir's. I would
give the BJJ to Ricco. Besides his AD credentials,
didn't Ricco's partner Roy Nelson just crush Mir in a
BJJ match?

Ricco by GnP stoppage

Ricco by sub defending beatdown. If he trains hard anyways.

I believe that Frank's standup is much better than Ricco's.

Mir by ko. Better chin and position is not as good as Riccos but subs are alot tighter. He hits harder than Ricco. That is an opinion. I like both fighters and think Ricco would beat Silvia and Crocop. I dont think either can beat Fedor. thay match up bad with him.

Mir by TKO, these guys are virtually the same except Mir's submissions are tighter but Ricco might be better at wrestling. Only other (huge) difference is the chin, Mir will not go down to Ricco's shots while I think Mir could KO Ricco Wes Sim's style.