"Ricco's so fat..."

Why do people always say this?

Have you seen some of the other heavyweights out there? Think about Severn, Tank, McGee, Barnett, Rizzo - all much flabbier and less defined than Ricco. Where is the smack talk about them?

Fighters' physiques don't matter. Phil Baroni can tell you that, as much as I love seeing him fight. Ken Shamrock's physique didn't help him against Tito.

And as if that isn't enough, we're ignoring the fact that he isn't even fat.

Definitely one of the more asinine points I see made on here, day-in, day-out.

Adam from Conn, The Man Who Sold The World

tuck it in rico!!! tuck in you gut!!!

Wow, who started this thread? Ricco's mom?

Nope. I'm actually not even a Ricco fan (I was unfortunately ringside for his Rizzo match). But I hate stupid arguments that keep popping up.

Adam from Conn, The Man Who Sold The World

He's done nothing, terrible fighter...euh..but wait:

He beat nogueira in the opinion of 90% of people. Not one, but twice (ADCC)

He beat couture
He ko'd Arlovsky
He's only Abu Dhabi champion...
He's marketable, good looking too...

Let's hate him, he is fat.

Dude, I have seen plenty of piss-poor attacks and arguments coming from adults too.

Adam from Conn, The Man Who Sold The World

Ricco has gotten bigger

Fighter that heavy is rarely ripped. Even in boxing or K1. How old is Ricco ?


ricco has dropped a lot of weight over the years so he has a lot of loose skin he is not out of shape he even had a lil 6pack goin against silvia

I can tell you why people make fun of it. It is because he does through such an effort to hide it! Wearing that girdle thing at pride made it look like he was wearing a life preserver in there.

Also the "Suave" name is GAY as hell.

Ricco also had an ACL reconstruction before he fought Nog.  I know from personal experience that that surgery is a BIOTCH and most people (especially big guys)) tend to put on a considerable amount of weight due to the forced inactivity you must endure.

He broke his leg and gravy came out.

People hate on him because he's always TELLING them about how good looking he is and how much pussy he gets.

So it's a natural reaction to remind him of his fatness. (nonetheless he's a great fighter)

I'm a big fan of Ricco. I've met him a few times and he's a great guy in person, very cool to the fans. In his ADCC fight vs. Busta he was VERY heavy, but that was awhile ago.

"Typical star-struck fanboy nonsense."

You sound like a typical metrosexual queerboy for
hating on a man because he is fat. Most others on this
thread are letting Ricco's performance speak for

Ricco is a decent fighter, but I bet he could kick even more ass in a pancake eating contest

I would like to see a pancake eating contest between Ricco, Kevin Rosier, Thomas Ramirez, Scott Ferrozo, to see who is the King of Pancakes.

he was over 300 at 19 when he won adcc

Ricco has a tummy problem

when he isn't fighting his tummy gets bigger

when he has time to train unlike the Nog fight he is trim

I don't know stay outta McDonalds I guess