Rice v Hominick - Final Word

I haven't seen the fight, but I don't need to for this particular opinion to be valid; let me explain.

First off I have to say that this is an example of why everyone should just count to ten first before responding. I also need to say that from what I understand TKO is a little dodgy as an organization and that judging in Quebec IS biased, HOWEVER...

Let's walk through this logically - we have two possible scenarios.

1) He cheated and Rice has a legitimate grievance.

2) He didn't cheat and Rice does not have a legitimate grievance.

Let's look at number 1. Is it even remotely in the realms of possibility that this becomes anything other than a he said/he said agument? Will there always be a plausible argument in favor of Hominick ?( not baby-oil, sweat can be very slippery - hell, just watch Stiebling v Goes ).

The answers of course is that nothing can be done at all and that at most an argument could be made over bad reffing - this is even IF Hominick cheated.

What decision would be a good one in this scenario?

Accept that the cheating bastard got away with it this time but keep on a brave face - emotions are understandably on overdrive but the main concern would be at this point to get a rematch and try and seek revenge this way - this is the ONLY way to get payback.

2) He didn't cheat. Accept that although arguments could be made about bad ref's, he did escape a solid armbar and he did clock Rice good (whether or not it was a knock out I can't comment as I didn't see it) and that on this day he won. The main concern would be to get a rematch and try and seek revenge this way - this is the ONLY way to get payback.

So I'd have to say in conclusion that although I didn't see the fight and I know Shane Rice to be a top notch competitor and a great guy this reaction did nothing to help him whatsoever.

This is of course easy for me to say because I wasn't in either fighter's position, but oh well...

PS: Maybe "Final Word" in the thread title is a little arrogant!


The problem is that people can say stuff like this for any reason and there are no consequences for saying it. Are there?


Even Shawn Tompkins said that there was a commission escort with them at all times prior to entering the ring... they would not have allowed illegal creams on the fighter.

let it end.

Heh heh heh... Danny said, "Illegal Creams." Heh heh heh...

Dougie, there are consequences - for Rice. Do you think his chances of exacting revenge are increased or decreased because of this outburst?

Do you think that he looked like a gentleman or a good sport because of what he said? (remember, this is regardless of what actually went on).

This is just a result of someone reacting without thinking in an emotional moment. Maybe he was geared up for bad reffing because Quebec is famous for it? Maybe this is why he was so ready to accuse?