Ricer goes 0-60 in 3.3 car&driver






I was hopeing that the GTR Ricer in the US wouldnt be as powerful as teh Japanese one but it looks like it is :(

I hope destroying the Z06 like they have done doesnt force GM to go away from the formula of a big v8 and rear weel drive because they is my favorite. I just hope may be they can put AWD on it or mid engine it or something to make up for the speed advantage of the GTR Ricer.

Here is Road and Track showing hte GTR Ricer is FIVE SECONDS faster on a track then the Vette Z06. :(



This thread needs more vroom vroom pole position posts.

of your 157 posts i think half were starting this same thread

You must work for Nissan because this same thread has been posted by you many, many times...

The Manny Reyes of the OG.

the SKYLINE GTR crushes the Germans and the Americans.

The new KING of the STREETS is a RICER.. that must make a lot of you sad

way to add to the troll thread EY

can u buy one in the usa???

how much and when?

Too bad the ford RS200 (production car) was much faster.........in the 80s.

Most will do a 3.25 0 to 60 while the evolution version has done 2.1 on more than one occasion with plenty of observers in attendance.

lol @ ford

Ya that new Nissan is sick, I want one.

3.3 0-60 is fucking fast, and its a good car and could be a daily driver or a car to drive cross country.

Take this to the foreign ground. American Muscle or die.

Interestingly enough, Shannon Ritch also went 0-60 in his last 60 fights - all by way of tapout.

"lol @ ford"

actually it's chevy

but anyways all hail to the king, GTR. It may be a ricer but it smoked the V8 M3, 911, and that other car they put up against it.

It's good for the customer.

Now American and Euro makers will have to step up and make something better, quicker and cheaper than the GTR.

How much does said Ricer go for yo?

said ricer goes for around 75K USD.. but with the depreciation of the US dollar and the to be expected dealer markup.. expect the car to be 100 grand when it first goes on sale.

Who would win between the Z06 and the GT-R in a race from 0-150 mph?

BTW, it is my understanding that the GT-R in the article against the Z06 was piloted by Steve Millen, who has been a Nissan driver for 20 years.  What would happen if they had Jan Magnussen behind the wheel of the Vette?

 yeah I really remember seeing these in the local Ford dealerships as a kid lol