rich clementi on E.T.

just saw rich clementi on nbc's entertainment tonight, and some clips from whoopass wednesdays, seems britneys ex is a fighter, cool beans

Umm, I know Rich is from Louisiana, did he really date Britney?


ttt....... lol

The childhood friend Britney "married" was a guy who fought on one of Richs shows.

Its all good juicy gossip, expect a bigger release in People magazine.......LOL, but it was me. Dont fuck up in my ring or you'll get tossed....

good luck rich ttt

Wow. I can't believe I'm considering the purchase of a People issue because of this.

i saw rich on the cover of usa today with britney this morning. rich, you are my hero!

I was wondering if Rich was involved with that show when I heard it was in LA.

thats fuckin great.


Funny stuff.

I just recently heard from sources close to Rich (Kbreezy) that Rich has been seeing Britney off and on since childhood, Rich can you shed some light on this.


did you fight the guy she "married"?

Man, Rich got married to Britney for a day...what a stud :)

cnn just reported britney admitted to having richs son 3 yrs ago.

rich quit school cause they had recess...

motherfucker don't play!


We had a threesome not to long ago. Brittney was holding the camera.


"Rich Clementi on E.T."