Rich Clementi vs Eddie Yagin

This weekend in Guam. Pride rules at 155. Predictions?

I think Rich will be too much for Yagin standing and on the ground.

I am going with Clementi...

clementi will win. yagin is in for a tough night.


Clementi is great but yagin is no slouch standing and on the ground..

Yangin is no slouch..

i have seen both fight live..

I think Clementi will be to much for bradda eddie



wish rich the best

ttt for clementi

Best of Luck to both Rich and Jeremy Horn who is also on the card.

ttt for Kyle Bradley making this thread!

Rich will conquer once again!

ttt good luck!!!

I've been in the ring with both of them. Eddie is to small to win this fight. He and I fought at 143.3 in Superbrawl and I was the bigger man that night.

Rich is still the strongest 155lbs. I have fought. This is a really bad match-up for Eddie.

Joe Jordan

go rich!

I know Yagin is no slouch, but Rich is just a rough mofo to fight and I dont see YAgin surviving this the whole fight or really doing a whole lot of damage to Rich. Rich is just too big and too strong fo that to happen.

And like I said, he is rough. He is damaging in every position standing and on the ground.

Eddie would goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Are they fighting Satuday night?

agent,any word on kyle bradley signing autographs anytime soon? still waiting for his shirt to come out...


Its 4pm right now the fight starts in 3 hours. Eddie looks good and so does Rich. Ill try to post the results as soon as I can unless someone gets to it before me. This should be what the card looks like. I just copied it from another site so dont jump on me if its not too accurate LOL.

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