Rich Clementi vs Marcus Davis

This seems like the next logical fight for both guys. Thoughts?

NM, I thought Davis dropped to LW. :p

Clementi dropped to LW.

Anyway, Clementi is gonna be breakout fighter or comeback fighter, or some fighter of the year when 2008 is up. The guy has stepped up and come through several times already. His fights are pretty exciting. If he beats Etim, I say give him a top contender.

Clementi is a 155er now.

Granpa - NM, I thought Davis dropped to LW. :p

 LoL, I don't think Davis could even dream of dropping to 155. The dude is massive. Oh, in case you didn't know, he's fighting Mike Swick.

Both guys have fights arranged and both are in different weight classes, what kind of logic were you going on here?.

Clementi will def be breakout fighter of the year. He has earned a shot against a top guy.

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