Rich Franklin Got KTFO

MMA rules, it is Machida and he is 1/2 Japanese and 1/2 Brazillian.

now can we stop talking about franklin potential to whoop vitor...

I always wondered where Franklin got his "the next big thing" mystique. He looked good in the past, but people were acting like he was going to go out there and beat Tito, Vitor, and Liddell for no real rhyme or reason.
Someone posted a lengthy bio on his opponent a few days ago and the guy seemed to have it all. I didn't think he was going to go out and win, but the guy sounded TOUGH on paper. He was something like a 3X karate champion that had been training with BJJ champs and the RAW team.
Anyway - I don't think this fight will make or break either guy, but it shows that Franklin wasn't quite as ready for the big time as people may have thought.

Sports Navi Japan has an article on the fight. Lyoto dominated him throughout. I'm suprised.

UFC should keep him but I agree this result does seem to indicate talk of Franklin beating a guy like Vitor Belfort was perhaps a bit premature.

Still for sure a solid up and comer after what he did to Eastman and Tanner but he was not ready for the Phenom

I dont think there were as many people saying Franklin would cream Vitor, Tito, etc as much as they were excited about a promising new LHW appearing in the UFC LHW picture.

"Lyoto has a Karate background BTW but trains with Wallid at Inoki Dojo in LA"Actually, I believe he does more training at rAw. I don't think that Inoki's dojo is active. I have been told that they open in when Inoki's in town or they want to hold a press conference, but they do have regular MMA training there.