Rich Franklin looked like The MASK

Rich Franklin is a Jim Carrey lookalike, we all know that.

After the fight with Rivera he looked like "The Mask"

Bluenamer please...

he looked skinny

He has even more of a resemblance to Jim Carey at the lighter weight of 185....if he practiced some of Carey's mannerisms he could pass for a Jim Carey look-a-like and be well paid doing promotional appearences like many do ....if he was double-jointed like the real Jim Carey he could never be tapped due to a kimura...


I was just saying that last nite while watching him with those swollen cheek bone. LOL.

We were also saying that he can be a stunt double for Jim Carrey if Carrey were to do some fight scene in his movie.




On his first bio photo they showed before the fight, he just looked like his own "after" shot of being on a month long meth binge.

I'm not quite sure if he looked healthy or not in there...