Rich Franklin Vs Forrest Griffin

Hi peeps for some reason or another these two poped up in my head and i wanted to know what do the UG brothers think of this fight.

Event UFC

How will this fight go down?

Is this a good fight Yah or Nay?

Is he retired or just taking time off?

HUH WTF he is Retired???

Im pretty sure it wouldnt take much to convince him to fight a big fight like this. Would be a great fight and I have actually talked with forrest about this fight in particular.

Thanks. Best of luck to Forrest in whatever he does.

I believe he is going to be a cop in Augusta GA not Athens.

dock is correct. I think he is allready a cop in augusta.

Forrest is the bomb! I know of one of the highest profiled MMA teams in the world that declared him a "NO GO ZONE" :)


that is dissapointing


damn... Zuffa how the fuck did you over look this guy?!

Good post LawdyMama

Forrest got hired on to the Richmond County(Augusta)Police department.I am going to train with him tonight. I will ask him what he thinks of possible future fights.By the way one of the nicest guys you would want to meet.He was rolling with us a couple of weeks ago and he helped coach my 11 year son.How many Pros would do that.


WTH pics??? heh heh......... sheesh