Rich Franklin vs SPRAWL SHORTS

Rich Franklin must have something against anyone who wears Sprawl...his last few fights have shown in the results

all his fights with people wearing sprawl end with him beating down his victim

if im THE CROW, im not wearing SPRAWLS for this upcoming fight

Franklin vs Shammy, shammy wore sprawl, had his face smashed

Franklin vs Tanner...Tanner wore sprawl, had his face smashed

Franlin vs Quarry...Nate wore sprawl...he got his ass beatdown


this is a warning

ps: i just watched all 3 of these fights, thats why i recognized this common occurance

ps: obivouisly this was done in good fun

not intended to disrespect sprawl, i dont wanna get banned

so delete the thread if it makes some people angry

The first post was a great set up for the second post, which was funnier (not disrespecting the humor of your first post, but the second post was a better punchline).

Oh, I'm critiquing threads and posts...


i found it funny

i also must add

i love sprawl shorts

i have 4 pairs so far...all of which are top notch

but if im ever gonna fight RICH FRANKLIN(yes its unlikely)...i wont be wearing those shorts

they make him extra violent

i will choose to wear a speedo ...

true dat

i hope he stays with his pajamas aswell

i want him to atleast have a chance


this thread has failed miserably

i found it funny, seeing all his opponents wearing those shorts

i guess my sense of humor is a bit odd

ps: i kinda agree...i dont like anyone vs Franklin right now, unless his name is Lyoto Machida

so if the crow is gonna go to sleep, might aswell be ready for bed with his pj`s on

"Franklin vs Tanner...Tanner wore sprawl, had his face smashed"

I had a bad feeling when I saw Shamrock, Tanner, and Ivan wearing Sprawls. It just doesn't match their persona very well. Ivan is too much of a goofball, Tanner and Couture both have to wear HCK for strength like that guy in the bible, and Shamrock? C'mon. Nuthuggers all the way. Anything else is uncivilized.