Rich Franklin vs. Wanderlei Silva !!!!!!!!

I must have missed this LMFAO, Wandy vs. Franklin in Rock, Paper Scissors?

Part 2

Rich did better than I thought he would, but Wandy's toughness pulled that one out. I wouldn't be opposed to a rematch.

Oh snap! Part 2 changes everything!

Upset of the year imo!

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 It's important they wore their fight gear, also

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LOL thanks.

Whupah, it was the rock, paper, scissors championships in I'm not kidding.

Hahaha, thanks for the vid.


ttt for later 

Only thing that would have been better is if Wandy walked up to Franklin doing that wrist-roll thing he does LOL :)


A work

This clearly shows that Rich doesn't have a glassjaw.
Standing face to face with Silva is usually enough to KO a lesser man.


that was awesome on an epic level
2 guys I would hate to see fight each other simply because I couldn't want either to lose.
P.S. Wandy is supposedly smaller scale of the 205 bracket and rich is fighting 205 as well very soon and didn't look much bigger in comparison obviously this is off season ( i think)
when was this filmed

Ray Jackson -

That's the most intense game of Rock, Scissors, Paper i've ever seen!!!!

...Wanderlei is obviously just a better all-around athlete.

not me, but then again i mostly play rps with high stakes

 Damn, you guys didn't see this when it was on the forum a month ago?

Good fight.

Franklin overcomes a huge cut in the first round, lays-n-prays the second round, and get knocked out by Wanderlei's hands-of-stone in the third.


Fedor vs. Randy in RPS....MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!

ACtualyl I wonder if Zuffa could stop that from happening LOL