Rich kid avoids jail because he's rich

America the feudal society:

A 16-year-old avoided spending time in prison for killing four people in a car accident in June after the judge bought his lawyers' argument that he was the victim of wealth.

CBSDFW reports that Ethan Couch was sentenced in a Fort Worth, Tex. juvenile court to 10 years probation for the drunk driving crash that ended the lives of youth pastor, Brian Jennings; Hollie and Shelby Boyles; and Breanna Mitchell.

Prosecutors asked that Couch serve 20 years in prison. His blood alcohol level was .24, three times the legal limit for an adult.

Psychologist G. Dick Miller testified for the defense that Couch suffered from "affluenza," a condition in which "his family felt that wealth bought privilege and there was no rational link between behavior and consequences," KHOU reported.

Miller said Couch's parents never punished him for his behavior, even when, in a separate incident, cops found him passed out in a car with a naked 14-year-old girl.

As part of his sentence, Couch will be sent to a private counseling center that costs $450,000, which will be paid for by his father.

Money and privilege has helped defendants avoid serious prison time for violent crimes before.

In a particularly clear example, cited by journalist Glenn Greenwald, hedge fund manager Martin Joel Erzinger served just 90 days in jail after driving the car that seriously injured a bicyclist and fled the scene of the accident in 2010.

The district attorney in the case charged Erzlinger with two misdemeanors instead of a felony, noting that "felony convictions have some pretty serious job implications for someone in Mr. Erzinger's profession."

He gets to go to rehab in newport beach that costs what a punishment

ShanTheMan - He gets to go to rehab in newport beach that costs what a punishment

Hey Newport isn't exactly Malibu.

In other news water is wet Phone Post

Driving that drunk and killing someone let alone multiple people should be murder.

Absolutely unreal.

Imperialc00 - Driving that drunk and killing someone let alone multiple people should be murder.

Absolutely unreal.
Well... It is murder. Phone Post

Mo' money, mo' problems.

sh!t's real.

It's tragic,,, it's disgusting .
It's also an unfortunate part of our justice system.
I was a probation officer. My first week I kept seeing nicely dressed families going into another Officers office .
I asked my FTO,,, what department is that?
" that is the po for people with private defense lawyers"
I had 120 people on my caseload. Guess how many rich people on my case load.
About 2.
Lesson here,,, do crime if you got a good lawyer Phone Post 3.0

My thoughts and prayers are with this wealthy kid, and hope he can one day win his valiant battle against the scourge of affluenza.



If there is any karma somebody will beat this cunt to death with a lead pipe.

A rich kid gets drunk and kills people, gets off.

A poor kid from the ghetto with a dad in jail and a hooker for a mother gets caught selling some weed and probably goes to jail for 5 years. Phone Post 3.0

Doback M3 -

You know a poor kid wouldnt be able to use the "shitty parent" excuse.  I dont know how the families of those 4 victims could possibly be expected to cope with that.  They must want to murder that little cunt.

If my family ever suffered an injustice like this...

I BECOME THE LAW Phone Post 3.0

Worst part of all, there is probably zero remorse. Phone Post 3.0

You can get off scott free on a DWI for about 50 grand. 20k to the lawyer and 30k to the judge.

Sooo let me get this straight.

He cannot be held accountable for his actions because he's rich and never experienced consequences for his action. And instead of teaching him, that there are consequences for his actions, there are none.

Yeah, that will teach him a lesson!

Is this real life? Phone Post 3.0

Wow Phone Post 3.0

I...I kind of have no words. I have thoughts...things I am trying to express...but nothing is coming out quite right. Just...just...what can I say?

Someone should start a petition to the White House for a comment on this case. All that you need is 100,000 signitures and I think with the outrage everyone feels towards this case that would be easy.

The Perverted One - Floyd Mayweather, with all his high priced lawyers still had to go to jail over a domestic violence case while this dude murders 4 people and doesn't have to go to jail at all? Phone Post 3.0

He's black.