Richard Branson Daughter: I Identified as a Boy When I Was Four

Bitch, it is called a phase. When I was four, I pretended to be Michael Knight from Knight Rider

‘I spent seven years identifying as a boy’: Richard Branson’s daughter Holly, 39, reveals she gave herself male names from the age of four because she ‘wanted to be like her newborn baby brother’

  • Holly Branson, 39, said she wore boys’ clothes, adopted male names until age 11
  • She explained she started identifying as a boy shortly after her brother was born
  • Holy started accepting herself as a woman after receiving a dress for Christmas
  • She is now a mother to three children - Eddie, Artie, Lola - with Freddie Andrewes
  • Branson works for Virgin and is tipped to take over from her father Richard, 71

Liberals are self destructing themselves.


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Fortunately, that happened back in the 70s. If it happened today the family would have been pressured to put her on male hormones and scrape out her ovaries before she had time to realize her mistake.


And I wanted to be the incredible hulk when I was 4. So what


i don’t read this as leftist liberal crap. What I am reading is that she thought of herself as a boy, but it was just a phase. her parents didn’t make a fuss about it, and she moved on at a point. This is a textbook case that should tell any normal person that their child should not be have their hormones fucked with just because they think they are a boy or a girl or whatever.

the article in the link even goes on to say that a doctor says in something like 80% of the cases, the need to identify as opposite sex eventually goes away.

this is a win for normal people. we need more people like her to share these stories.


when i was a kid, when i was a little boy, i always wanted to be a dinosaur. i wanted to be a tyrannosaurus rex more than anything in the world.

i made my arms short and i roamed the backyard, i chased the neighborhood cats, i growled and i roared. everybody knew me and was afraid of me.

and one day my dad said, “bobby, you are 17. its time to throw childish things aside,” and i said, “okay, pop.” but he didn’t really say that, he said, “stop being a fucking dinosaur and get a job.”


Don’t lose your dinosaur dude…

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yeah i dont understand the hate - she is literally making the case that people against transgenderism want to believe.

“for psychological reasons i decided i wanted to be a boy and eventually i grew out of it”

“I was doing this before you, therefore I’m cooler than you. And anyway, it’s so passé…”

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you were doing that still at age 17? lol.

your parents should have injected you with experimental hulk juice [/sarcasm]

They will just say that’s proof gender is fluid.

Dyed me green if nothing else.

She’s like the hipster of trannies.


Exactly, wants to show everyone she was ahead of the times, a trend setter. Instead it seems she was just a jealous, spoiled little kid that couldn’t handle her baby brother getting more attention.

She has three kids so she has done her womanly duty to society no matter what kind of retarded shit is going through her head right now

That’s called a “Tomboy”.

Nothing to see here…


Nope nope. its called gender fluid my friend … get with the times *clap *clap


“Never trust the kids of a millionaire/billionaire “ Jimmy Hoffa

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