Richard Crunkelton's "excellent" wrestling ??

Why does everyone say Crunkelton is such a good wrestler?? I most mma site write ups he was touted as a great, great wrestler. Mir always says how good of a wrestler he is on the broadcasts.

He didn't wrestle in college anywhere and unless he won state i wouldn't be calling him an excellent wrestler in today's mma world.

I know he has a solid judo background and incorporates some nice throws into his fights, but why does everyone say he is such a good wrestler?

actually he did wrestle in college (PCC) and beat a national champ his sophomore year.

the guy is 18-3 and ALWAYS gets his takedowns. (with the exception of the Razor Rob fight) how can you argue with results? every fight is the same: some striking, takedown, GnP or Sub

crunk is a good wrestler, how can that be argued

People say Jon Fitch is a great wrestler and he had a losing record in college.

GSP is one of the best wrestlers in MMA and he has no background at all.

You gotta watch people fight.

I didn't see is fight (loss) the other night but Cleat is definately a very good fighter (wrestling and underrated standup). How did he look in his most recent fight?

I thought Crunk was going to pull out the win all the way into the 3rd, but Jensen just seemed to put pressure on in the last 2 minutes and was able to take a little bit of gas out of Rich.

It was a great fight, and really Jensen raised his stock and Crunkilton's rep didn't take a big hit.

Uh...because he gets a bunch of takedowns in every fight and chains them together even. He wrestles just fine. Because YOU can't recognize it, doesn't mean it's not true. Do less BJJ and you'll get it.

Oh wait....those 8 takedowns he gets in every fight are from TKD. My bad.

Fucking stupid thread.

Peckerwood = Idiot

I had no idea Fitch's college record was so poor.