Richard Sherman IS the best CB in the league

He was target 58 times resulting in 8 interceptions or 13.8%. By far the highest in the league.



You just don't throw his way.

He essentially turns the field into 10v10

Another fun stat:

Pro Football Focus ‏@PFF 1h Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman has been targeted just twice in two postseason games this year, with neither resulting in a reception.

Also, a fun side note:

In 2006, Bailey started 15 games. He was targeted 35 times and allowed 4 receptions, 0 TDs. He defended 21 of those attempts and intercepted 10. Oh, and he also had 98 tackles.

^That's Champ, btw

He's from my hometown, but he's also a Seahawk :(

Fuck You, Sherman, Richard. Phone Post 3.0

REAL shutdown corner

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