Richard Simmons slaps Cage Fighter

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Assault charge against Richard Simmons, accused of slapping wrestler, dropped

Wed May 26, 4:25 AM ET

PHOENIX (AP) - An assault charge against exercise guru Richard Simmons, who was accused of slapping a man at an airport, has been dropped.

Simmons, the outlandish 55-year-old known for his exercise videos, was accused of slapping a six-foot-two, 250-pound ultimate cage fighter, reportedly in retaliation for a sarcastic remark. The fellow passenger recognized Simmons in March at Phoenix's Sky Harbor International Airport as they were waiting for a flight to Los Angeles, then made an offhand comment to other passengers about Simmons's exercise videos, police said.

Simmons took exception and slapped the passenger, who was not injured but chose to press charges, police said.

Simmons was cited for misdemeanour assault and then permitted to board his flight.

The cage wrestler, identified as Christopher Farney, agreed to drop the misdemeanour charge against Simmons, according to court documents filed May 19. The documents didn't specify why the charge was dropped.

Just more proof that being a MMA fighter does not equal being a steet fighting bad ass.

He was probably trying to get paid. In fact, he probably did get paid and that's why the charges were dropped.

A few $$$ for a little razzing on the UG, not bad.

He probably just forgot to have his name sealed along with the details of the settlement. LOL

That's it. I'm ordering Richard Simmon's "Sweating to the Oldies." UFC, here I come!!!

You kids are stupid. Beating up a famous person in a crowded airport gets you thrown in jail. This guy did the SMART thing. Simmons may be a fag, but he's rich. His lawyers would KTFO any representation any fighter could muster up.

With the exception of calling everyone stupid, I agree with NameCaller.

wes simmons

Months old article,still funny.

Does anyone have apic of this guy I looked for him on sherdog and coun't find him.

LOL @ this whole thread. Funny shit.

He was not a Cage Fighter!! he was just a fan of MMA. The truth ca,e out a few days later after this happen. The press embelished a few things and in my opinion wanted to make MMA guys look like wimps to people that don't know any better.

The guys name is Chris Farney and he has never fought. He is some local Motorcycle salesman here in Phoenix. His mother even came on the news in an interview and was laughing at everyone thinking he was a Cage Fighter.


*waits for lil richard to slap him so i can cash in*

C'mon... you're a big guy and having fun being a bit of a dick. Then Richard Simmons actually comes up and slaps you.

First off, after the initial surprise wouldn't you laugh you ass off and even have a bit more respect for the guy for actually having the chutzpah to stick up for himself against a big 6'+ 200+lb guy?

Who is actually going to beat up Richard Simmons for something as goofy as a slap, especially after provoking it?

It isn't like Richard Simmons is going to hurt you much w/ a slap.

It is damn funny.

RSJJ, no can defend.