Richard Stallman

anyone know about this guy?

created gnu operating system which was used in linux, huge microsoft critic, says who knows what kind of backdoors are hidden in their source code to spy on us and whatnot.

The biggest proponent of open source freeware ever.

His most interesting video

He's been around for a long time.

I respect him for his dedication to his cause.

I also respect him for being the initial author of gcc, without which the world would be a much shittier place. Over 10 years ago, when I first encountered gcc, I was blown away by the generosity of a person who could give away a C compiler that could've been sold for thousands of dollars back in those days.

However, after I saw how doing this enabled people all over the world to create useful software, I was very moved by the ideas that the Free Software Foundation and the GNU Project stood for. It's a beautiful thing.

he's a good guy. sometimes he is too attached to free software, but sometimes someone needs to be.

interesting, I'll check out the vid when I have more time

Man with a vision and a noble cause which changed the face of IT. Nothing but respect.