Rick Davis?

Does anyone have information on this fighter? I am curious to know if
anyone has ever seen him fight live? What are his strengths &
weakness, etc....

las vegas combat club

Wrong, Xyience Training Center. He is our children's instructor and has been training with our regular guys (Forrest Griffen, Mike Pyle, Jay Hieron, etc...) He is a well rounded fighter. 3rd degree bb in Kempo, BB in Japanese Jiu-Jitsu, and a brown belt in BJJ under Sergio Penha. Should be a good fight on the 27th. Rick's undefeated and has fought some of the toughest guys at 155.

I saw hiim KO somoene with a spinning backfist at a shoot show in vegas like 3 years ago

That was the highlight reel for sure. Johnny Walls used to have the fight posted on his aggressiontv site but I don't see it there anymore. Maybe he still has it or I can get someone else to post it.
I hope to see him fight again soon!
Shonnie Carter fought on the card against Jon Fitch.
Here's the NSAC official results: http://boxing.nv.gov/2003Results/11-14-03MMA.pdf

"I hope to see him fight again soon!"

He's getting a shot in the UFC on May 27th. It's a prelim but we're hoping that it makes it on TV.