Rick McCoy

Anyone know who we got his black belt from I have searched him and can not find it but I have rolled with some of his guys and the seem legit I was just looking for a little back ground Phone Post 3.0

I'm interested as well. I'm pretty sure he did sambo first. He's an OG for VA mma. Amir Sadollahs first martial arts instructor. Phone Post 3.0

I know Rick and have trained with him no gi and can't remember if we rolled in the gi but I've definitely seen him training with the guys down here at top team in a gi. That was 6-8 years ago. He's legit. But can't answer the question of his lineage Phone Post 3.0

I do not mean for this to be rude at or I was not questioning his ability I know he is legit he is very skilled and also a very nice guy I was just wondering his linage I emailed the address on the website but I didn't get a answer so thought I would hit the ug .....but I gotta say I'm grinning bout you posting on my thread it is a honor sir lol Phone Post 3.0

Rick used to train with Lloyd Irvin and fought under Lloyd's Soldiers of Submissions back in the day.  Dave Womack was Rick's main training partner and he got his bjj black belt from Lloyd Irvin but don't think Rick did...for some reason I thought it was from Gracie Barra.  I think Lloyd awarded Rick his Sombo black belt...could be wrong.