Rick Ross disses Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

 I thought this was interesting, given Floyd's woofing of late.


Rick "The Boss" Ross goes nuclear on Fraud Mayweather Jr.

September 15, 12:59 PMNY Boxing ExaminerMichael Marley

Two things you don’t want to be labeled in the thimble world of hip hop.

One, you don’t want anyone to put a rat or snitch jacket on you because that can be tantamount to a death sentence.

Two, it’s almost as bad to be called a fake, a phony, an artificial thug like rap superstar Rick “The Boss” Ross keeps calling Fraud Mayweather Jr.

The literal heavyweight out of “the Port of Miami” has taken it to Mayweather with body and head shots in a new song entitled “Go War (Remix).

Ross goes so far as to refer to Pretty Boy as “an undercover faggot.”

He also says “you can’t run forever” and makes reference, in a shot at Mayweather Promotions, to “your daddy employer, de la Hoya.”

Ross also says or implies that those wads of cash Mayweather has been known to use to “make it rain” in Vegas strip joints were fake $100 bills.

Here’s portions of the word war at least from RR’s side:

“Talking greasy because you're 39-0?/Real life b*tch n*gga 39 and hoe/I'm his toughest opponent yet/I'm nothing like Marquez.”

“Forever getting robbed/Bloods took your jewels/Can't beat the IRS baby boy/Just pay your dues!”

“Even your name lame/Ain't no Mayweather Punchout!/Catch him in Florida/I'm a need another lawyer

/Why your daddy employer/Go by the name of De La Hoya?!

...We standing on the bar/Throwing real money/Holla Mayweather when you see a fake hundred.”

I don’t see any mariachi or bandera stars ripping into Peewee Marquez, do you?




 So the guy that allegedly rents his bling is calling someone a fake?

He seems upset

At first I read the name and thought it was Ricky "Freeway" Ross, the former LA crack dealer, but it's apparently another Rick Ross.

I really don't understand the quotes.

PatK -  So the guy that allegedly rents his bling is calling someone a fake?

 The same one who was a former corrections officer, too. 



Mayweather got owned outside of the ring.

WTF is this shit?

an ex-cop making a diss track to a boxer?

 this guy seems to kow alot about "money", his IRS woes are real, in fact there will be a grip of debtors including little boys lawyers at the next fight so they can collect up his check.  In vegas it has been strongly rumored that he lives an alternative lifestyle.....

Floyd Mayweather is one of the greatest boxers to ever step in the ring...

That said, it's a funny rap!


 I think i just hijacked my own thread!

Screw Rick Ross

Despite denials, records show rap star worked as corrections officer

JULY 21--Apparently desperate to distance himself from any affiliation with law enforcement, the rapper Rick Ross has recently denounced as fake photos purporting to show him in a former career as a Florida prison guard.

But Department of Corrections (DoC) records show that Ross, whose raps detail the Miami gangster lifestyle and his supposed days trafficking cocaine, did, in fact, work as a correctional officer for 18 months. Ross (real name: William Leonard Roberts) was appointed a prison guard in December 1995 at a salary of $22,913.54, according to the below personnel record, which was provided to TSG by Jo Ellyn Rackleff, a DoC spokesperson. The rapper's social security number is identical to that of the jail guard. According to the official document, Ross was earning $25,794.34 when he resigned in June 1997. After graduating from the DoC training academy, Ross was assigned to the South Florida Reception Center in Dade County (the lockup is one of three statewide that serves as an intake facility for new prisoners).

When a photo of a uniform-clad Ross surfaced last week on MediaTakeOut.com, the 32-year-old performer claimed to AllHipHop.com that unnamed "online hackers" put "my face when I was a teenager in high school on other peoples' body. If this shit was real don't you think they would have more specifics, like dates and everything?" He added, "Fake pictures are created by the fake, meant to entertain the fake." The photo, which you can find here, shows a 19-year-old Ross at a DoC ceremony (he was part of the department's 60th graduating class).

He is pictured shaking hands with Marta Villacorta, who then headed the South Florida Reception Center. Villacorta, now the department's South Florida regional director, was identified by Rackleff, who examined the photo Ross claims was Photoshopped. In a recent videotaped interview, Ross replied, "No, that's not true" when asked if he had worked as a prison guard. He claimed that the phony story was being circulated by detractors upset by his success in the rap world, where, "I came out of nowhere and just took over the streets." (2 pages)


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rick ross has zero credibility

oh snap.

i dont know anything about rick ross but i knew a cat that used to move alot of weight that worked as a guard. he got a hook up from an inmate started makin good money then quit his job. could be something like that

ECWCock -  I wish I cared. This could get good.

Agreed. After reading, my Give-a-shit-ometer is on zero.

no mariachi musician would talk bad of marquez, the guy is a warrior