Rick Roufus would have been a good raplacement

for Kimbo. Actually, that's too bad, because Rick would have been the perfect guy to stand and trade wih Kimbo, and he wouldn't had to even been told to. LOL j/k. It's funny, because a couple months before the fight i told Rick Roufus on the phone if Ken got hurt he would be a perfect fit for the job. what do you guys/girls think?

If Seth's 2 in punch koed Kimbo, Ricks spinning backfist might have killed him lol. Rick looked like his game was really coming along last weekend at the HDNET Fights at the Thomas and Mack. Are you representing rick now?

No, my company is not representing Rick. It almost happened. I wish I was representing Rick. We just couldn't put it together. Maybe someday. I'm sure he has great representation, and i wish them all the best luck in the world. Rick's a good guy, and has a lot left in him. Promotions should never over-look him. Jason Reinhardt