Rick Story calls out Mike Pierce as feud heats up

So this is sort of a long story which I don't have all the details of, but to pick up where the past issues have left off....

Rick Story had a former coach call on him to leave his current gym and join him at the coach's new gym after he got fired from the old one.

Rick says the guy is a total piece of shit and Rick was glad that he got fired. He also says the guy was a strength and conditioning coach who knows nothing about MMA training/coaching. Apparently the guy is now coaching Mike Pierce.

Story and Pierce have had some issues in the past and this isn't helping because Story is so pissed that the old S&C coach is talking shit about his current gym and the coaches that run it, that he is now calling out Pierce so he can shut the coach up and also deal with unfinished business with Pierce.

I can't really explain all the details here but SB Nation wrote an article including quotes from the former coach and Rick went apeshit and posted a lengthy reply in the comments section detailing his side of the story and also calling them out to a fight.

This is looking to be a seriously heated beef that could lead to a seriously epic fight.


Check out the article and comment from Rick below the article for more on the situation....




shit just got real

Make it happen Phone Post

Not sure Story's in position to call anyone out right now. He needs a win bad.

But I'd love to see this fight.

Mertvaya Ruka - shit just got real


Pierce is a gatekeeper....if he can beat Rick then Story needs to go to the minors.

My brother trained with both of them for a few years at braveheart and from all the stories I heard -- Mike Pierce got the better of Story in the gym the vast majority of the time.

Mike Pierce is winning fights in the UFC Rick Story not so much...Im not a fan of either guy but LOL @ Story calling anyone out at this point

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Stu Cazzo -

Pierce is a gatekeeper....if he can beat Rick then Story needs to go to the minors.

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I too disagree. Pierce is 8-3 in the UFC with his only losses coming against Fitch, Koscheck and Hendricks. He also arguabley won the Koscheck and Hendricks fights, and gave Fitch a run for his money. Those are 3 top 5 guys. And he's a gatekeeper? He's top 10 in the world.

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Rick story losses a decision IMO. Phone Post

Sad to say, but it's true. I remember when he beat Alves and was on top of the world, with a 6 fight win streak and legitimate shot at a title run... man do things change in this sport. I just don't see him advancing like that again, I think Story might turn into a gatekeeper, but only time will tell.

I remember reading about their feud back in January. Story shouldn't be calling anyone out right now. Pierce deserves another Top 10 at this point. Phone Post

Pierce handles Story quite easily IMO. Story has no business calling anyone out. The matchup doesn't make sense rankings wise but what the hell....maybe this is what Pierce needs to get him more noticed. Phone Post


Story responding anything amazes me

Hong Kong Phooey - Story responding anything amazes me

he didn't hold back anything either.

Didnt Maia squeeze Story's brains out of his nose?

Might as well wear singlets in that one... No thanks unless it's a FB prelim

For later. Phone Post

I'd like to see this fight....Both guys have reputations for boring fights which confuses the hell out of me. They've both had a couple stinkers but so many guys have, they've both also been in some really good fights.

I heard that Pierce went to the hospital after his last fight with a fractures in his orbital, a torn esphoghas and a fractured sternum, might be out for quite a while.