Rick the jet Roufus vs Tyson

Rick Roufus vs Mike Tyson in K-1. TTT for the JET!

JET has no chance, whatsoever.

I just watched Carter Williams vs JET last night on ESPN. And if Williams can land 2 huge right hooks on JET to put him away in 1 round, Tyson will have no problem.

That was a great fight, Carter looked very good. I don't think Rufus would try to fight Tyson like that. He would use his kicks way more. But still probably get KTFO.

If Carter Williams can KO him with his hands, Tyson will kill him.

When are they fighting?

Roufus would get slaughtered

i dont see roufus doing very well. he has to keep distance and use his kicks, but i dont see tyson playing that game. tyson will close the distance and try to finish this quick.

This is not good... Roufus may be a solid Kickboxer, but his pure boxing is not good at all.

Williams or Bojansky would be a much better opponent for Tyson.

Tyson's opponent does not matter... Just that it is Tyson.

It may not actually be Roufus after all (who knows at this point), but it has nothing to do with the notion that there are better fighters than Roufus.

These are 2 different promotions. Too famous is trying to get Tyson to fight Roufus. They have a contract signed by Roufus not Tyson. They want Tyson to sign. K-1 has a contract signed by Tyson to fight an undesignated opponent under rules to be determined. Tyson could even be fighting a boxing match with a K-1 style undercard. Who knows there may even be K-1 mma rules fights on the undercard. I bet Tyson fights Shannon Briggs in a boxing match as the main event. I would love to see Mike fight Rick on the too famous card also. By the way Rick is a very good boxer also. Just not Tyson level. But Rick would be kicking too. Rick and Mike are both well past their primes. Rick fought at 175 in his prime.

"Dude was not in anybodies top 10 as a boxer."

His defense is very poor. He likes to bomb with total disregard to his own safety. It works pretty good in K1 I guess, but not in pro boxing.

"Is that why he was 15-4 as a Professional Boxer and was ranked in the top 10 at one point. "

you can't be in any major boxing top 10 with a record like that....there are guys that are 24-0 that are just barely cracking the top 20

You fight a lot more fights in boxing. Some of them have 80-100 + fights before they even go pro.

i watched that last night also..tyson will murder roufus

I have always been a fan of Rick's. TTT for the JET.

Im sure they want Tyson to win so they can build him up more. They dont want him to lose right away and have one showing by him. Im sure it will be very profitable for Tyson and K-1 to have him a few good wins. And hopefully, we see tyson against some of the top young elite K-1 fighters that can really take it to him after a few good showings.

well can tyson eat leg kicks?

i would much rather see Cropcop or LeBanner fight Tyson. I guess it is good fr K1 to give Tyson a fight which he could handle to boost hist K1 confidence.

You guys actually believe this fight will happen?

oh man he's fucked... rufus showed no defense in the last k1. hes old too... looks like popeye