Rickson 1980's home workout vid??

I know there is a tape of rickson doing his personal morning workout, yoga breathing yoga stretches and bungee cord training, info would be greatly appreciated.

No there's another video. I have one of Rickson watching the Funaki fight and commentating on what was happening. Then it hows him training by himself with a lot more footage then in choke. Then he's rolling in his school with some guys and his family. Pretty good video, it was a Japanese documentary it's tough to find but not impossible.


No not choke there is a different video. Its a home videoabout 30 to 45 min. long. Some guy is trying to sell it on ebay but i heard you can get it on the net for free or alot cheaper then what this guys trying to sell it for.

It might be from a japanese doco, not Choke.

yeah, he's facing a camera and doing a bunch of exercises as a warmup. The guys real flexible and has amazing balance.

mentalmidget do you know where i can see it??

it's not the bungeecord tape. Sperry really works the bungeecord in day of the zen :0

Tuffgong, sorry I got it from a friend, not on the 'net.