Rickson and Limao convo in Portuguese

Can someone please translate that bit of convo at the 4:10 mark on for me please?



That's funny, just last tuesday I was feeling absolute garbage all day and dreaded going to training in the evening... ended up dominating 2 guys that usually kick my ass.

So in conclusion I'm the big white Rickson.

MarsMan - 

<paraphrasing and summarizing  bit>

Limão is saying things are getting better, and expects improvements after sending out some flyers.

He says it's important for Rickson to stay for 2 or 3 more days, and that it would be good if he could show up at the academy once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

After a pause Limão asks if Rickson ever wakes up feeling good, thinking he's gonna have a great training that day, and in the end he doesn't do so well... Rickson says it happens to everyone...Limão says the contrary is true as well: "You wake up feeling like today is not the day, and then you go train and destroy".

I can't hear Rickson saying anything in agreement.


The vid made me feel ashamed of my lack of flexibility.

thank you