Rickson armbar question

In this Rickson video (the one with the Cure or something in the background?)


How/why does he finish the arm bar with his knees so far apart?

How= Left leg blocking the head, right leg blocking the body. Ankles crossed trapping the far arm and keeping him tight to the opponent. Armbar across the thigh instead of the package.

Why= Because he can. He's Rickson.

One can breakdown Rickson's technique all they want but the reason why his transition is so good is because he does a TON of movement drills.

Rickson himself speaks of the movement drills he does. I know Ginastic Natural is PART of his training routine BUT I know he does more than just that.

One of Rickson first Amercian Black Belts, who supposedly was one of his best American student, Mark Eccard, wrote about how Rickson showed and taught him alot of movement drills. He said Rickson did these drills all the time. He said he also does them and they do make a difference particularly in regards to ones transition.

get grapplers toolbox and oldschool series from Scott Sonnon, all these ginastica natural kind of drills are there. It seems that they have a lot of that drills in Ross and Systema too.

I remember Roy Harris was talking about Nick Baturin the russian guy he learned Sambo from. He said: Baturin had the tightest armbars he ever felt, exept......Rickson:-)

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m.g. do you know where i could find out some of mark eckard's movement drills?

When I first learned the Armbar we learned it both ways, squeeze the knees or bend the elbow over the thigh, to this day I use both methods.

ahh dang it, looks like mark eccard has some dvds of movement stuff, more things on my to buy list

forget about the eccard DVDs, bad service (it took 2-3 onth until I get them without ever getting a reply to my emails) and the stuff he shows is just basic nothing ginastica natural like the stuff Rickson is doing in choke.

ahh alright, thanks for letting me know

Yeah I haven't seen Eccard's videos but from what I hear it is pretty basic. Eccard himself said, in Grapplers Magazine about 5 or so years ago, that he was "comfortable" showing all the movement drills Rickson taught him.

He did say he did them alot, even in his hotel room when he was on the road. He was one of Rickson's best American black belts. In fact he was one of Rickson's best American students. Some of Rickson's students post on the Jiujitsugear forum and the confirm Eccard was very good. Even my Bjj instructor, who knew many of Rickson's students well also confirmed that Eccard was very good.

That's all well and good regarding Mark Eccard, but he never received his black belt from Rickson. He stopped training with Rickson as a brown belt.

who did he get his black from?