Rickson article in DARE for kids

I teach at an elementary school and my class is in the DARE program. The school liason officer brought in a magazine for the students with different success stories. In the magazine was Tony Dorsett, Tara Lipinski, and Rickson Gracie among the 10 - 15 professionals profiled. I have copied the article if anyone is interested, I can email to a blue namer and have them post it.

i would, but im about to get off the comp and dont have time to host it.

ttt though for some other blue bastard

Pleae e-mail me a copy. Thanks bro. valetudoflow@aol.com

I'll host it....send it to Gumby@onthemat.com

Thanks guys.

I sent it to deeder also.

Send me the article at Gabe@sprawl.tv I will host for you!


let's get this baby up here.

post it please. :)

TTT Evilash your a dick.

It's a word document.


not working

link fixed

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I've heard the same thing EvilAsh said about Rickson.

that doc is kind of messed up, cant see the other pages

Thanks Gumby. Yeah, it looked a little small there. I wasn't sure of the best way to do the article. I just scanned and copied it to a word document. If anyone has any better ways to do it, let me know.

Kinda hard to read but i got through it, pretty cool account of the Zulu fight.

It should be Royce in the article...not Rickson IMO