Rickson by armbar?/-Meaning??

i know that this might seem like a stupid question but what does "Rickson by arm bar" mean

thread explodes

There is a prophecy.  It states that one day, some troll will ask this question.  You sir are the chosen one.

lol ive rried to look it upbut it wasnt explained very well...and i normally wouldnt mind but i see it everywhere

Rick James, bitch!

Rickson by Armbar

 "Rickson by arm bar" means nothing.It`s a generic term that gets thrown around alot here.I will elaborate when you can tell me what  WWHDD stands for.

it means What Would Hilary Duff Do

 there is a UG rule that states nobody is allowed to reveal what these meme's mean to anyone with less than 1000 posts.  Technically I broke the rules just by telling you ABOUT the rules.  Sorry! 

Can someone explain what FRAT stands for. I've been on this site for probably 4 years and have yet to figure it out. And yes, I AM stupid.

Google it....

No, it was in reference to Matt Hughes' autobiography and is an acronym for "Who Wants Hughes' Dirty Dick?"

 Ask KKM

Rickson VIA RNC.


People still have to ask? 

 Rickson by armbar means that you have probably posted something that is uninteresting or stupid.It is also used by some to pad their post count.Some might use it just so the thread goes to the top.There are many uses for it,especially on Rickson threads.

Rickson by armbar? That's first day shit. Wait till you learn bout Petey, my heart. There ain't no coming back from that.

Its like reading a line from the bible. Its the TRUTH!

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