Rickson = Eternal Popularity

Even when Rickson is 90 years old the haters will be demanding a fight. He is the forever undisputed king of the UG. Some fighters have brief stretches or come and go but Rickson will ALWAYS have a few threads going strong. No fighter has more 100 hitter threads credited to his name. Rickson IS the UG.

Rickson by armbar 1:09 RD1


If you want to measure a fighter by the threads, Ron Krull (probably not a mma fighter yet) has always got at least 3 or 4 threads going really strong with way more hits than the Rickson threads. And Ron has created most of the threads himself.

Norwegian assassin,

Tribalfighter has had threads break the century mark in the past few weeks. Rickson has inspired 100 post threads since 1998.

Ron will catch up pretty soon.

lol, what thread was I spinning out of curiosity.

Rickson has been THE force on this forum since the beginning. Nobody mentioned on this thread or anyone else even comes close.

Yeah some are popular for a month here and there but his has has been dominating this board for many years without a break.