Rickson Fighting On NYE (K-1)



What if Forum imo

it says he is in talks, he is always in talks. I hope this happens, but i'm not going to hold my breath either.


great news, but I think this may come a little too soon for Rickson... no need to rush things, a few more years of preparation and he should be ready...


not going to happen

Knowing Rickson, I'm sure he is negotiating to fight Fedor.

Rickson "it is all up to the promoters" Gracie.

Wow, another Rickson hate thread. How original.

My god, bad deja vu. I feel like i've seen this same thread every year for the past 6-7 years.

Means nothing unless he fights a top opponent. I got it. Lets pit the two most overhyped fighters of all time.

Rickson vs. Frank Shamrock!! I personally think Frank would win by standing ko, but imagine the money this fight could rake in.

the only relevent fights for the fans and rickson would be either saku or bj....wait is takada willing to make a comeback?

For 5 million dollars Rickson will fight anyone in the world. True Story.

"he looks like he is 100 years old in the Kron interview..."

I thought the same thing when I watched it. The sun has set on Rickson ever really fighting.

Where can I find the Kron interview?

Need a Rickson vs. Funaki rematch


Awesome grappling skills + Awesome fear of losing = "Legend" who will NEVER fight a top-ranked opponent.

That's the legacy of Rickson Gracie.

Too bad, since his jiu jitsu skills were (are?) clearly at the highest levels.