Rickson Footage

Has anyone seen footage of Rickson rolling? Anything from BJJ tournies or gappling challange matches?

All I've ever seen of Rickson is his two fights over the insanely untalented Takada, and a few other matches against Japanese tomatoe cans.

Does anyone have, or know of film that shows that Rickson was the best BJJ fighter of all time? Or is everyone just taking someone's word for it?

The title of this thread probably should have had a question mark....

Gracies in action show rickson fighting a few guys including the much larger zulu character....that is all i have seen though!

I have Royce vs Sakuraba and Rickson vs. Funaki on one tape and when I watch these fights I mostly watch both. When you compare it directly you see that Rickson is completly different physical and technical.

I was about to bring up Funaki... wasn't he a pretty legit opponent? He beat Frank Shamrock...

funaki beat everyone atleast once,and rickson beat him so thats a step up,next step for rickson is silva!

Funaki laid down for Rickson, there's not even a question about it.

I saw one old footage of him tapping a machado brother. I saw training footages of him against all the students at a seminar taping. That was interesting. He didn't seem to do anythang special...but that was the reason why I thought it was interesting. He simply got out of every choke/headlock etc...and got the position he wanted and chill there. Mostly mounted! He also look alot faster during the 80's footage comparison to his last fight with funaki.

There is some Rickson footage at onthemat.com


he looked really good on choke but so did that little guy he beat .

"Funaki laid down for Rickson, there's not even a question about it."

Bull fucking shit. There is some very good footage of Rickson grappling out there. But go to one of his seminars to be really impressed.

I watched an old clip of rickson he used alot of judo his takedown was a head lock throw like yoshida uses.I got it of kazaa

Kai Tremeche is a hater.

that little guy is Yuki Nakai. Poor guy got his eye gouged by that Dutch guy gordeau.

I've got some really old poor quality footage of rickson tapping about 30 people in a gym. Some wearing wrestling singlets others wearing gi.

He's got amazing stamina and technique seems very fluid. Mostly arm bars from the mount and triangles.

The footage at onthemat.com is fantastic, not just the Rickson footage either.

I'm happy to hear that there is plenty of video documentation for Rickson's prowess on the mat. I always wanted to believe the hype.

I got a few of his gi sport matches. Its funny really cuz I got to see the whole competitions and from that you get an idea of everyone's skills. Then Rickson comes along at the end and you see he's at another level. I even have one where he tried a rolling armbar from standing... if I can find it that is.

Get " Choke "


Like people have said, there's a lot of good footage out there. Mostly it's rickson rolling in the gym and having his way with everyone. Try ebay.

"Once again proof of Rickson's skills remains elusive."