Rickson Gracie dojo fight (vid)


also Royce versus Judo in a Judo tournament


So in the judo tournament, why didn't Royce's opponent tap?

judo pride

judo pride is when you lie unconscious in the middle of the mat?

Nope didn't tap, went to sleep. In the full video Royce pats him on the back a few times and tries to revive him.


In this video he attempts to clinch while running foward with his head down and arms straight out; I think any top 20 fighter would have put him to sleep with an uppercut insted of falling giving up their back. I guess a lot of fighters look good when they fight cans.

Shows the beauty and effectiveness of Gracie Ju Jitsu

WHo was the Russian guy?
Was he really a judo champion? Just curious if anyone knows.

I've been following judo a long time and didn't recognize him. I doubt he was any type of champion but it sounds good as a marketing ploy. Most people won't question it.

I wonder why they did not show the 20 sparring session between Rickson and the brazilian judoka Virgilio where it was a stalemate? Probably wouldn't be good marketing.



Old School....

Rickson would be in deep shit vs a modern MMA figher with that approach.

can someone please ttt the thread that had all the videos of rickson...there was one that had rickson and royler at a judo school...it was from a week or so ago