Rickson Gracie items,too pricey

why do people think anything on Rickson is considered extremely rare and valuable,yeah I know somethings are but not everything,it gets expensive collecting things on Rickson

take a shot at giving me a price on these rickson items? whatcha say mike?

a gi worn by rickson when he was young competing in jiu jitsu tourneys?

the gloves he wore in pride 1 or any of the vale tudo events?

ricksons white robe he wore in his entrance to pride 1 and 4?

the vhs tape where he faught anjo in his dojo?

the original pride 1 contract to fight takada?

the rickson gracie fighter pass for pride 1 and 4 with his picture on it?

now stuff like that I can understand,dont tell me you can get those can you? that would be awesome.I just dont think something is "extremely rare" or really valuable just because Rickson is in it,somethings like the list you put up that is valuable

I do have one of Ricksons gi's signed that he gave to a charity to auction of for some disease

Carlos Valente had told me a couple years ago that he would sell me Rickson's robe from Pride 4 for $2000 but I didnt have the money,man I wish I would have had it.