Rickson Gracie - Just like you...

Wise words from Rickson


(Blue please)

Rickson Gracie: Just Like You from Citizens of Humanity on Vimeo.

Hickson is such a badass

agreed, and the perfect attitude for a martial artist to have IMO


He got old Phone Post

jujubre - 

He got old Phone Post

was thinking the same

Would like to see him actually training. I looked at the rest of their videos: the dancer dances, the chef cooks. Rickson makes coconut juice.

All respect to the master. And I love what he says. I just wanna see the man do his thing.


Great vid ty for sharing.

He does look kinda old but no crows feet :-)


Ltr Phone Post


Sub Phone Post

Cool video! Phone Post



his beach stretching routine seems to be harder work than it was in his "Choke" days lol - his face looks like he's saying.. Shit i dont remember it being this hard...

but he is still looking fit for his age

Awesome! Thanks for posting.