Rickson Gracie shirt

I have a EA Shirt signed by Rickson Gracie(I won it when EA had a strikeforce prediction contest). Does anyone know how much it would be worth or someone who wants to buy it? I love it, but i'm in more need of money. I'll post a pic tomorrow.

I have a gazillian signed shirts from many different fighters/events. I've been trying to unload my extra unwanted signed shirts on ebay for years, and they don't sell very well at all.

Most people buying signed shirts buy to wear - not to collect. If it's a sucky shirt, you're lucky to recover your cost - with a Rickson sig, cost of the shirt plus $20 imo.

I collect signed event shirts, but I try and unload my signed tapout/affliction/etc mma shirts. I have several shirts listed on ebay right now and they are not selling at $35 each - even with sigs from big name mma champs.

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