Rickson in 2 sambo matches


Yep. I've seen those. I got them on tape in my collection somewhere.  Man...the pony tails in that first match. Definitely dated material...LOL

Thanks for posting them. Not the one I want to see though ;)

Looked like bad bjj in kurtkas

Spaceman i disagree with your view ,the blond haired guyin the 2nd bout is nikolay baturin a sambo instructor , take a look at this link :

Baturin already won in a sambo bout one of the machado brothers wich is no joke .

Rickson was just on another level that day

Wasnt Rickson wearing those same shorts when he fought Duarte on the beach? LOL

BTW Steve, I saw your friend on Broadway and 28th yesterday.

I should buy a whole bunch of those and sell them to the sheeple at GQ and NAGA. LOL

Mike, she told me :o) BTW she is now my Fiance' :o)

Regarding the shorts, you know people are superstitsious about the gear - keep wearing the ones you win in. I guess those funky shorts have seen 600+ bouts...LOL.

haha thats funny!