Rickson in Incredible Hulk!

Rickson Gracie is in the new Incredible Hulk movie! I just started watching a pirated version on one of the various "underground" sites I use. I also found a thread on Sherdog referencing the same thing, its the real deal... He does that weird "stomach-ripple yoga" thing as a way to teach Bruce Banner to control the Hulk's rage- before slapping him. Ah hahahaha, I LOVE it.

RICKSON by armbar vs. Incredible Hulk, baby...


TTT people!


link provides list of movies Rickson has been in, including new Incredible Hulk.

BTW, this is freakin' AWESOME, f**ck the "Rickson = sellout" thread:)

Old news. Please see the Rickson sell out thread.

awwww Christ...

Yeah I know. But its trashing on Rickson and most of the posts didn't figure realize what the craftybushiovet was referring to for awhile.

So does he have alot of scenes in it?

allright buttmunches, I don't know WHY i'm doing this, but if you want to watch the movie tonight and don't mind the fuzzy quality, you can watch Rickson bitchslap the Hulk at about 4:50 into it, then enjoy the rest of the movie.


and theres only one scene in it i know of, but i haven't finished watching it myself.