Rickson Interview

Saw this on the UG but thought it belonged here as well.

In "real life, real combat" 50/50 isn't about earning advantages and stalling. It's about breaking your opponent's knee.

I don't think he is arguing the effectiveness of a heel hook. I believe he is referring to the fact that you will probably get your face caved in attempting to enter the position.

Also, you're just a likely as you opponent to get your knee broken if you do get there. Hence the name.

yeah Rickson would know nothing about "real life combat", lmao. Youre forgetting where he grew up and what went on, his insights are what they are, from the best ever and new age butt scooting sport players stalling out sport rounds dont kno anything he didnt decades ago, grab a clue or have your instructor play jiu-jitsu with him, then see if you can post doubt or negative bs. He understands the art on a level like nobody else.

and I like wrestling as a fighting defense much better then BJJ, no jock riding going on

"how important is the art"
I like that.

He makes great points about fighting, strategy, etc...

<blockquote>Graciebarra 847 -       He makes some great points. However in his day the athletes he fought were not on the same level of today, and it's more than just time limits.</blockquote>

I don't believe that. If you look at the background and history of many of the athletes Rickson fought you'd find many of them had a depth of both skill and experience many athletes today don't have.

In Rickson's day the competitive pool was very small and tournaments weren't held as often as today. Therefore the competitors had two choices. Sharpen their skills against each other and compete in other combat sports like wrestling, Judo, and Sambo.

One of the reasons why Carlson had such a tough team was because all of his fighters worked and trained hard together. They also fought each other thus making each other as tough as nails. Carlson's guys also competed in other combat sports when they had the opportunity.

Heck, even Rickson ventured outside of Bjj and competed in other combat sports, like Sambo.

Will someone already ask this guy for a seminar schedule? Seems like I'd have better luck finding the lochness monster before we see a schedule.

^^^ Schedule. Ha! :)